Architectural Association School of Architecture

Since 2013 Lugo Land is affiliated with the unique educational and cultural program of the Architectural association School of Architecture. Unique, dynamic, independent and international, the AA was originally set up in 1847 as a public forum and learned society, in/famously founded by "a pack or troublesome students". However, the AA is much more than the UK's oldest school of architecture; the school is the nexus of a global conglomeration of contemporary architectural culture, as well as its pasts. As part of the vibrant membership organization that comprises more than 4500 members, Lugo Land plans workshops to deepen both technical and conceptual elements of the photographic practice, to allow the students understanding the potential of visual grammar.

Programme Directors:
Sue Barr
Francesco Neri
Luca Nostri

  • AA Foundation
    • 2016-11-23
      Notes of photographic practice
    • 2015-11-23
      Notes of photographic practice
    • 2014-11-23
      Notes of photographic practice
  • AA First Year
    • 30-10-2015
      Towns, hamlets and fields. Exploring the Lowlands of Romagna
    • 15-05-2015
      Walking and photographing along the axis of the Roman Centuriation
    • 05 May 2014
      Two buildings
  • AA Visiting School
    • 2017-07-01
      Walking the line: photographic explorations of a liminal landscape
    • 2016-06-1
      Walking the line: photographic explorations of a liminal landscape