Lugo is a place with a very special association with flight and flying. It's the birthplace of aviator Francesco Baracca, the First World War hero to whom the city's museum of the same name is dedicated; the local airport is home to one of Italy's leading helicopter schools; and for a strange coincidence the old town of Lugo itself is in the shape of an airplane, as can clearly be seen from the air even today.

And here, Olivo Barbieri has also taken to the sky. Very well known for his aerial photographs taken from the helicopter in which he creates miniature still photography from actual landscapes, Barbieri has investigated the area that separates Lugo from the sea, reflecting on the issues of history, architecture, technology and reality.

The exhibition consists of large format photographs printed on paperwall and glued directly on the wall so that they fit the exhibition space, and of 3 maps (cm 24x30 on 40x50 frames with a mat) of the old town of Lugo.

Olivo Barbieri Lugo e il mare

Curated by Luca Nostri
With a conversation between Olivo Barbieri, Walter Guadagnini, Luca Nostri, Francesco Zanot (English and Italian)
Designed by Filippo Nostri
76 pages, 24 colour plates
160 x 220 mm
Punctum Press, 2006

ISBN: 88-89412-29-1
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